Mummy's Riches

Average Time
74 minutes
Tyler is back for more as he goes after the some bling that his buddies told him existed during an online game of Call of Duty. It's legit information. Trust.

Nonetheless, Tyler has gone to Egypt to find the untold riches and he's found sand, some exotic sand, some stone and also... sand. Tons of sand. Holy crap is there a lot of sand! Sand aside (not likely), he's going to be solving some puzzles, unlocking the mysteries of the ancient pyramids with his "razor sharp" wit and dashing good looks (that you will in fact never see so it's not easily disproven).

So come and see just what could be more valuable that Tut's Mask. Here's a hint: it's not sand.
This game requires either a Tablet or a Computer for optimal performance.
unlimited playthroughs